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Kara PC + Quest (Vrchat 3.0 Physbones, DPS, GogoLoco)

51 ratings
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Kara PC + Quest (Vrchat 3.0 Physbones, DPS, GogoLoco)

51 ratings

Kara Features!

EXTREMELY customizable with in game sliders and includes 8 unique fur textures!! (Snow leopard, Tabby cat, Grey tabby, Green tiger, Exotic Serval Style (Normal, Blue and Pink), and Siamese !!! More free textures are likely to be added in my discord as time goes on ^^

Gogo locomotion for half body sitting and posing!


Body Customization:

  • Breast size (Radial slider from A-cup-to F-cup)
  • Eye Hue
  • Sclera Toggle (White or Black eye backing)
  • Body Emission Pattern Strength (Leopard spots on leopard, tiger stripes on green tiger, wispy pattern on all others)
  • Body Emission Pattern Hue
  • Hair Emission Hue
  • Hair Emission Strength Slider
  • Ear Lion Shape Toggle
  • Ear Pointed (Lynx Type) Toggle


Hair Options:

  • Ponytail
  • Pigtails
  • Wispy Hair
  • Toggleable beanie that fits on top of all hairs!


Clothing Customization:

  • Bodysuit Hue
  • Hoodie Graphic Swap (2 unique gif images and one static)
  • Hoodie Brightness
  • Hoodie Hue
  • Hoodie Saturation
  • Frilly Top Hue


Accessory Toggles:

  • Worm Fidget Toy
  • Vape that works! You must have the toggle enabled, and pull it out from the bra by making a fist in your chest, then put it to your mouth to inhale, and pull it away and you exhale smoke! (Opti ver)
  • Spray Bottle you can spray!
  • Two finger trails (one at each index fingertip) for fun dancing!
  • Face Piercings
  • Nipple Piercings
  • Thigh highs
  • Glasses
  • Bracelet (Green, Blue, Red, Orange settings)
  • Piercing Neck Ribbon
  • Collar


Clothing Toggles:


  • No Overshirt
  • Hoodie with 3 texture options (hue, brightness, sat sliders)
  • No Undershirt
  • Bodysuit (hue slider)
  • Pasties
  • Frilly Top (hue slider)



  • Thong Panties
  • Fuller Backed Panties
  • Skirt
  • Buckle Boots


FULL HERM DPS SET UP ( knot custom sculpted by me!)

*Quest version will not have certain items such as the spray bottle, worm fidget, vape, finger trails etc. as these are not supported on the quest platform. 

WHEN UPLOADING PLEASE MAKE SURE TO IMPORT POIYOMIS & RALIV BEFORE THE PACKAGE :) . If you are having trouble with the upload button being greyed out, just make sure you only have one avatar (the one you're uploading) visible in the scene at upload time :) (Message me on disc if you need any further help ^^)


 Please don't redistribute my models >_<

1. Private Upload Only, Not for Public use

2. Do not share this unity package with friends, encourage them to support creators

3. Do not reuse assets from this avatar, purchase them from their original creators

4. Do not re-sell this avatar

5. Do not leak this model to any websites


Pasties: Abnormal

Collar: Rinebean

Ears: Eggly

Neck Laces: Ante#5652

Bra: Me!

Frilly Top: Discord Nitro #Gillie4565

Jacket, Skirt and Thong Panties: Vinuzhka

Hoodie: Nauuki

Full Panties: Beanie baby#5422

Pants: Nicolas Guerra

Icons: Smoluni and Ringtailed VR

Long Hair:NessyVR

Ponytail Hair:

Pigtails: Sadge

Piercings: Skulli#7154

Beanie: Crybaby

Wormtoy: Hug and Love

Vape: JustJaime

Glasses: NiNi

Buckle Boots: Plaz

DPS setup: fluff's toolbox

body parts: sugs#9795

eyes: Sohvi

*I think I have everything listed but if I have missed something please let me know and I'll be sure to add it right away ^^



***SUBSTANCE PAINTER FILES ARE INCLUDED AS A COURTESY NOT A PURCHASE. I had not planned to release substance files but after many requests I am including the siamese texture pack for people to tinker with. Future packages will be designed with substance painter in mind, but this package was not and thus the substance file is a bit messy ***

* Re-texturing is allowed! Join the discord to show me your works if you'd like! I'd love to see ^^

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